If you are interested in visiting GIS MB’s premises and meeting the Principal, please contact us through one of the channels listed below:

Phone: +39 039.2287034


Appointment Form below

Our Admissions Officer will get back to you to confirm your visit.

GIS MB operates by a non-discriminatory admissions policy. Our doors are open to welcome students from all over the world into our warm and diverse community. We provide our children with a truly international education with English as the main language of instruction, but also place an important value on the host national language and culture.

We offer remedial English language classes for children coming from Brazilian (or other language) speaking schools at any age, according to need.

Our Enrollment period for the new academic year runs from April to July. However, we accept applications year-round.

Classes per age for the next academic year (September 2020 – June 2021)

School Year Age Cut Off Date: 30 September

  • Alpha: (2 -3 yrs, born between 01.10.17 – 30.09.18)

  • Early Years 1: (3-4yrs, born between 01.10.16 – 30.09.17)

  • Early Years 2: (4-5 yrs, born between 01.10.15 – 30.09.16)  

  • Early Years 3: (5-6 yrs, born between 01.10.14 – 30.09.15)  

  • Primary Year 1: (6-7 yrs, born between 01.10.13 – 30.09.14)

  • Primary Year 2: (7-8 yrs, born between 01.10.12 – 30.09.13)

  • Primary Year 3: (8-9 yrs, born between 01.10.11 – 30.09.12)

Via F. Confalonieri 18, 20900 Monza (MB)

Phones:+39 039.2287034


Working Hours: 7h30 – 17h00